Moomoo Invest: Receive $150 plus up to 16 stocks

Moomoo Invest – Get $150 plus up to 16 stocks when you open a new account with $100+

This fun and interactive brokerage app offers a hefty bonus for new investors. Though July 31, 2023, receive an extra $50 cash reward with a referral.

The sign up bonus you receive depends on the amount you deposit. There are three tiers:

Deposit $100 – get $100 + $50 referral + 5 free stocks

Deposit $1000 – get $100 + $50 referral + 15 free stocks

Deposit $5000 – get $100 + $50 referral + 15 free stocks + one share of Tesla or Google

How to:

You must maintain your deposit for 60 days to get the cash rewards. Cash rewards are a coupon that acts like a rebate when you make a trade. To redeem your coupons, you must make a trade of $1000 or more. Three business days after you place your trade, you’ll receive the coupon amount in cash in your account.

Cash rewards can be invested or withdrawn as long as you maintain your initial deposit for 60 days.

Please see the link for the full terms and conditions. Referrers receive $100 for referees who deposit $100-4999 and $300 for referees who deposit $5000 and up.

Mini review:

I have really been enjoying this app. I like being able to track different stocks, track referrals and bonus coupons and execute trades in a simple, straightforward way.


The account opened is a margin account (be careful not to dip into your margin!) so you are easily able to sell and buy on the same day without waiting for the funds to settle.

It is very easy to place a trade and there is a simple to use edit function if you want to raise or lower your limit orders.

The coupon cash bonuses have posted within three days of trading.

Customer service has been good for me so far. I have used live chat and even got a phone call to follow up. The responses were quick as well.


The site can be a little confusing to navigate. To keep track of your bonuses and coupons, click on the me icon to see all of your rewards, coupons and your referral link. Under accounts>transfers you’ll see when the “coupon” rewards have been deposited in your account.

The luck of the draw with the free stocks means you don’t know how valuable your sign up bonus will be.

You’ll need to add a little more than $100/$1000/$5000 to make the necessary trades and maintain your balance. It’s better to have a little padding in case your investments dip in value.

The ACH transfer option can take a few days. It would be nice to have access to your funds more quickly


Overall, I have found it fun to play around with this app and I am thrilled with the bonus.

If you want to participate in this promotion, be sure to sign up before July 31!