Last Week Tonight, or How I Made $128.30 Last Week

In this series, I give an account of my savings and money making from last week. Like John Oliver, not all of it might still be relevant, but it makes for an entertaining recap. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for ways to make money and show you how these tips and tricks can really add up!

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MyPoints $10 referral bonus

MyPoints is a site that offers points for shopping online. The site works kind of in the model of ebates – you earn points when you shop and you can then redeem them for giftcards. When you sign up you get a $10 bonus. Luckily, I had a referral sign up last week and got a $10 bonus. If you sign up for a MyPoints account you’ll get a $10 gift card with this referral! Thank you for supporting this site!

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Mecari $27.90

All this time at home has driven me to pare down a little! I’ve been listing a few items for sale. Mercari is a selling site, kind of like eBay, but I found the platform to be so easy. Take a couple of pictures with your phone and your listing is up. The fees are pretty much the lowest out there 10% total and I love that you can private message with buyers. If you haven’t tried them yet, this referral will net you $10 off a purchase and another $20 if you start selling, $30 total if you do both. Highly recommended!

DoorDash – $45 different promotions

DoorDash is doing an amazing promo right now – Summer of DashPass where they are offering free food and discounted food through September. Last week’s deal was $15 off an order from a convenience store! We used it for some staples from CVS. Between both of us having this, and $15 credit we got for a screwed up order, we really made out this week. Overall, this summer promo has been great! Read our write up here for upcoming deals.

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TopCashback $5.40

This cashback site promises to provide the highest rates of cashback. The earnings are usually pending for a while, but the high payout makes up for it. The occasionally run promos for 10% back at popular merchants so I try to stock up when there’s good cashback. They also have a $10 referral for signing up – a great way to give them a try and earn some cashback!

Amazon $10

Amazon screwed up and seemingly lost my order last week. It was guaranteed next day delivery for allulose (if any of you read my cooking blog you’ll know how much I NEED this – ha!) so I was kind of frustrated. Amazon made good on their mistake with a $10 goodwill credit. I’ll take it, better than nothing!

American Express Shop Small Promo $15 ($5 x 3)

This is a great promo AmEx is running that helps support small businesses. Check your cards to see if you have this offer! If you spend $10 at a small business you receive a $5 credit. This promotion can be used 10x per card for a savings of $50 total. Between the two of us, we have this promo on four of our cards so we’ll be (hopefully) saving $200 thanks to this promo before it expires on September 20th. Signup for this promo has ended, but always check for deals on your American Express cards!

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If you don’t have an AmEx card, I’d recommend checking out the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card. It currently has an elevated sign up bonus of $100 plus 20% back at Amazon. Read out write up here.

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Penzeys – $15

I took advantage of the two free jars and free delux sample I posted last week. I was out of cinnamon – gasp! I don’t even know how that happens so I took it as a sign to stock up. I also got some fun spices for Indian food at home. I’m going to try Tandori Chicken with Naan and some Butter Paneer. Is it time for dinner yet?

How did you do last week? I hope you got some ideas for saving this week! Thanks for reading!