Last Week Tonight, or How I Made $111 Last Week

In this series, I give an account of my savings and money making from last week. Like John Oliver, not all of it might still be relevant, but it makes for an entertaining recap. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for ways to make money and show you how these tips and tricks can really add up!

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Amazon $20 off through Discover promotion

I saved $20 bu using this discount on Amazon when you use at least $.01 of your Discover cashback. I sometimes get frustrated trying to find things that these discounts work on (must be sold by Amazon) so I usually lock in the savings by buying a gift card. Whole Foods and Starbucks always get used up quickly!

If you don’t have a Discover card, it could be a nice time to consider one. They are currently offering a $50 bonus with referral which is great because they rarely offer signup bonuses. Thank you for supporting this content when you use our link!

Instacart $25 ($10 x 2 and $5)

Instacart delivery/pickup seems to always be running a promotion. This week it was $20 off, or $10 off $35 that could be used twice. I also had a random old $5 credit on my account. I was able to maximize this promo by choosing pickup to avoid any delivery fees. I just placed three orders for pickup and went and parked in the pickup spot. Groceries delivered to my trunk! Their stock isn’t always reliable but the will try to make replacements or refund you the difference. If you haven’t tried the service yet, here’s a way to give it a try with a $10 discount.

MyPoints $10 sign up bonus

MyPoints is a site that offers points for shopping online. When you sign up you get a $10 bonus. They also offer some larger “deals” too like last week’s where I made about $110 for opening an account. This week my sign up bonus posted – yay! Time to look for a gift card. I’m thinking Amazon, Visa, or maybe Sephora… If you sign up for a MyPoints account you’ll get a $10 gift card with this referral! Thank you for supporting this site!

DoorDash – $20 off a pickup order

DoorDash is doing an amazing promo right now – Summer of DashPass where they are offering free food and discounted food through September. Last week’s deal was awesome- $20 off $20+ on a pickup order! We used it for some delicious takeout at one of our favorite local restaurants – Pita Cafe! This week we’ll be looking forward to $15 off a convenience store order. This summer promo has been great! Read our write up here for upcoming deals.

GrubHub – $5 off an order

This was a nice little promo from GrubHub! We used it to save from one of our favorite restaurants – Simply Salad. They make a gigantic salad – it’s so big that we can share it so $5 off brings the price of a dinner that is healthy, doesn’t require cooking, and doesn’t require cleaning into super cheap territory. Very grateful to have some good local choices – check out Simply Salad if you’re nearby! If you’re new to GrubHub, this referral is good for $10 off $15 – give them a try!

iHerb $11 Sale

iHerb can be a really convenient place to shop – they offer free two day shipping on orders over $20 and competitive prices on lots of items. I tend to shop there for skincare and food. They are currently running a great promo of up to 60% off on beauty. Got some skincare I needed anyway and saved $11. Yay! If you’re a new customer, you can save 5% with my referral – thank you!

American Express Shop Small Promo $20 ($5 x 4)

This is a great promo AmEx is running that helps support small businesses. Check your cards to see if you have this offer! If you spend $10 at a small business you receive a $5 credit. This promotion can be used 10x per card for a savings of $50 total. Between the two of us, we have this promo on four of our cards so we’ll be (hopefully) saving $200 thanks to this promo before it expires on September 20th. Signup for this promo has ended, but always check for deals on your American Express cards!

If you don’t have an AmEx card, I’d recommend checking out the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card. It currently has an elevated sign up bonus of $100 plus 20% back at Amazon. Read out write up here.

How did you do last week? I hope you got some ideas for saving this week! Thanks for reading!