DoorDash $20 off a Pickup Order ends 8/30

This week, take advantage of $20 off your pickup order! Read on for the details and code for this week’s freebie.


DoorDash food delivery allows you to enjoy delicious take out and support local business all from the comfort and safety of your own home! We love this service and take advantage of all the generous promos that they offer. There is currently a $15 referral for signing up – thanks so much for signing up and supporting our site!


Joining DashPass, their delivery membership, carries the benefits of free delivery and discounted fees (pickup is also free!) as well as food promotions. This is a paid membership but luckily, you can usually get a free trial.

$20 off Pickup Orders

This week, August 17-23, DashPass members can get $20 off a Pickup order with code DDPICKUP20 – great way to get free food!

For complete terms and conditions visit

Free DashPass through Chase

Another promotion going on right now through Chase gives Freedom Card holders three free months of DashPass. Complete terms of this promotion can be found here.

If you don’t have a Freedom card, it’s a great time to sign up with a limited time $200 bonus – check out the write up here. We each have a Freedom card so we’re able to double up on these deals – highly recommended!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the generous free membership Chase is offering to Freedom Card holders! (And, don’t forget to cancel in 3 months when it expires!)