Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Bonus $200+

The Deal

Chase is currently running an elevated promotion on both their Freedom and Freedom Unlimited credit cards of $200* after spending $500 in three months.  Yes, please!  I’ll take a 40% return on my spending any day!  That’s the heart of Spend Rich – make money by spending money!  *Note: cash back and points are interchangeable in the Chase system so this bonus is the equivalent of 20,000 points.

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Why Should I Act Now?

This is an elevated bonus – the usual bonus on these cards is $150, so this is 33% more.  That alone is reason enough, however there are some additional perks including an extended bonus on grocery shopping for 12 months as well as an introductory rate of 0%.  That makes this a stellar deal and this the right time to jump on this card.  However, know that you will not be approved for this card if you have opened five or more personal credit cards in the past 24 months.  If you have, save yourself the hard pull and wait until you are under five cards in the past two years.

Limited Time Promotion

Chase is also running a limited time promotion where you can also earn 5% on grocery purchases of up to $12,000 over the course of a year bringing the potential of this bonus up to $800 (or 80,000 points) total!  Before you scream that you don’t spend $1k a month on groceries – just think about what other kinds of goods you might be able to purchase at the grocery store – like gift cards!  Tell me you’re not dropping a few extra bucks on amazon or take out these days – go ahead a pick up a gift card to make those purchases!

Chase Freedom vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited – win/win

The difference between the two cards is that the Freedom card earns 5% points on select categories that change quarterly while the Freedom Unlimited card earns a flat 1.5% points on all purchases.  Which one you choose depends on which you think you might benefit more from.  Do you like switching cards to maximize your points?  If so, the Freedom might be best for you.  Do you prefer just putting your spending on autopilot?  Then the Freedom Unlimited might be your card.  If is possible to hold both cards if you happen to have one already, you can still apply for the other now for this great bonus.

Additional Benefits

Currently, the Freedom Unlimited is offering 0% interest for 15 months.  I don’t recommend carrying a balance but this could be a good way to do some arbitrage if you find a good place to stash some funds for now. 

Additionally, there is a free three month membership to DoorDash (if you’re not already a member, here’s a referral for a free $10).  The DashPass brings down the fees for food delivery – definitely an added bonus!  Don’t forget to cancel the free trial after three months.

Advanced Player Mode

These cards pair REALLY well with Chase’s premium cards.  The Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve carry annual fees but these premium cards make all of your chase points more valuable.  They make points with 1.25 and 1.5 points respectively when redeemed towards travel – just imagine that the potential $800 (80,000) from this Freedom/Freedom Unlimited bonus then becomes worth $1200 (120,000) when paired with a Chase Sapphire Reserve!  Not to make your head spin, but once you dig into the details, holding a couple of these cards in your wallet can really help you max out your rewards!

If you’d like to learn more about these advanced techniques, please feel free to drop me a line or set up a coaching session!  I’d love to help you earn some large bonuses toward some extra spending money or travel.