American Express Blue Cash Everyday $100 plus 20% back at Amazon

American Express Blue Cash Everyday $100 bonus, no annual fee, and a 0% APR introductory rate.

Bonus – $100 plus 20% back at Amazon

Current bonus for referrals is $100 after spending $1000 in 6 months of opening.  This is three months longer than usual, a definite bonus!  The 20% bonus from Amazon is something new and makes this offer even more valuable.

Ongoing Benefits – bonus categories

This card can be a great daily driver with 3% back and grocery stores and 2% back on gas.  It’s also great for those who feel like switching it up and using different cards for different tasks.  There are other cards that get 2% on all purchases, so you can do better if you’re willing to carry a couple of cards.

Introductory Rate 0%

While I don’t recommend carrying a balance, 0% APR can be great to allow a little more float in your daily life.  It can also be valuable if you find somewhere lucrative to park money for a bit.  In today’s uncertain times, it can be nice to know that you have it as a tiny insurance policy.  Nice feature!


The current American Express Blue Cash Everyday bonus is a really good deal, especially if you can make the most of the 20% back at Amazon.  That would bring your bonus up to $300 on a card with no annual fee.  The 0% APR is like icing on the cake.  With tons of uncertainty looming, it’s nice to know you can use this card for any unexpected expenses and have 15 months to deal with them.  Highly recommend! 

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